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What is the objective of this event?

Our event is focused on celebrating the global rise and healing of the Yin (feminine) energy in all of us. We will highlight holistic healing experiences that encompass the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of a person. This event is aimed at facilitating at burning down and releasing the programming and conditioning of wounded energies and illuminating the authentic person within each of us.

Does my ticket price include accommodations?

Your ticket price includes entry to the 4-day 3-night event and permission to camp onsite. You are to provide all of your own sleeping accommodations, such as an RV (dry camping only, no hook-ups available), tent, etc. Hotels offering discounts to Yin on Fire participants and Airbnb’s are also available nearby.

What can I expect in this experience?

  • Collective sharing of gifts
  • Marketplace (Vendor Village) will be open Friday and Saturday from 9am-5pm.
  • Inspirational spark talks
  • Drumming Ceremony
  • Main stage entertainment/experiences
  • Lake, Water Slide, Zipline
  • Ecstatic Dancing
  • Workshops
  • Grand Finale Burn

Your ticket price includes entry to the 4-day 3-night event and permission to camp onsite. You are to provide all of your own sleeping accommodations, such as an RV (dry camping only, no hook-ups available), tent, etc. Hotels offering discounts to Yin on Fire participants and Airbnb’s are also available nearby.

What you create for yourself and for others!

Is this a women only event?

No, this is a collective healing experience.  Adults 18+ older are welcomed.

Why aren't children allowed?

Careful thought and consideration were taken in making this decision. We wish to provide adults the opportunity to experience this as individuals rather than be distracted as parents. Currently, we are still requiring all attendees by 18 and above. In time, we may collaborate with incredible youth organizations to facilitate workshops for teens 16 and above.

Will you be providing food?

There will be food trucks available at this event. However we encourage you not to depend on the food trucks for your meals. We strongly suggest you to come prepared by bringing all, or at least a majority, of your food for the event.

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol will not be sold at this event.

We encourage participants to consider avoiding anything that slows down the healing process by numbing, avoiding, or distracting. Therefore our intention is to make this special event alcohol free.

Are you going to have vendors?

We will expand our marketplace to include more amazing offerings and products for sale in addition to our food vendors.

Are you interested in being a vendor or hosting a workshop?

Click the link below to fill out the corresponding application.

Food & Retail Vendor ApplicationsWorkshop Application

What do I bring?

There is no electricity and no potable water on site.

If you are staying on site during the event, bring what you need to set up your site and be comfortable for the entire event. You are to provide all of your sleeping accommodations. Remember, it can be cold at night. Please plan well so you are not having to go back and forth from the site. You may be able to purchase or trade certain items on site, at the market, or from a neighbor, but don’t plan on it. Camping tools needed to set up camp are permitted. Don’t forget sunscreen and other protections for the sun and elements. Creative campsites are encouraged! The best campsite will receive two free tickets to the 2025 Yin on Fire Festival!

We strongly suggest you bring food for the majority, if not the entire event, including all food preparation materials. Extra propane, for example, will not be available. Create as much self-sufficiency as you can.

What items are not permitted?

  • Firearms, non-utility knives and other weapons
  • Pets (unless it is a certified service dog)
  • Illegal drugs/paraphernalia
  • Fireworks/explosives
  • Vehicles with leaks of any kind

Are fires permitted on my campsite?

Iron County fire restrictions apply. If permitted, only portable fire pits that you bring and take home are allowed. You are required to bring your own firewood, including kindling. No open fires on the ground are allowed.

Is photography or drones permitted?

Only self-photography is permitted. Drones are not allowed. Yin On Fire will have an official photographer/videographer/drone documenting the event.

Can I get a shower?

There will be limited shower sites available and will require a separate payment on-site.

Are UTVs/ATVs permitted?

Attendees are not permitted to bring or utilize UTVs and/or ATVs.

What are the restroom facilities?

There will be porta potties and hand washing stations available.

Will law enforcement be present?

Law enforcement may be in attendance, either uniformed or otherwise. We encourage everyone to abide by Utah laws which certainly include illegal drugs or any illegal activity. Yin On Fire will fully cooperate with law enforcement as necessary should certain behaviors not adhere to the law.

A professional security company will be on site and operating across all areas of the venue 24/7.

Is it safe for me to attend solo?

Yes. If you have a desire to connect with other attendees before the event and arrange to camp next to them, please go to our FB event listing here:

Click on “Discussion” and post a request, such as: Looking to get acquainted with others attending.” Or “Interested in meeting up with a group to camp with.”

What is the entry and exit policy?

Gate attendants/volunteers will meet all vehicles entering Three Peak Oasis. Please have your ID’s, vehicle passes and tickets/ticket confirmations ready when you arrive. We reserve the right to inspect your car and belongings. It is very important to stay on site for the full experience of healing and restoration. The world will be there when you return. Exit and entry is discouraged, unless of course you have accommodations outside the site.. The gate will be closed during the final event. Please do not say it is an emergency unless it really is.

Can I be admitted early?

Only those who have been approved to set up the facility or given another assignment are permitted to enter before the event opens each day. They will know who they are.

What about emergencies?

Volunteers will be visibly identified. Please see them with any questions or concerns. Professional medical staff will also be available at the Integration Station. Please contact them first in the event of any medical situation. Don’t delay or self-diagnose.

Can I listen to music at my campsite?

Portable sound systems are permitted. Please be mindful of the volume so it does not intrude on an adjoining campsite. We suggest earbuds as much as possible. As a courtesy to your neighbors, all music should cease between midnight and 7 am.

What is your ticket refund policy?

All ticket purchases are final.

Is Cedar Beach Oasis (TPO) ADA accessible?

According to TPO the facility is under renovation to provide full ADA accessibility. Please notify TPO if you need special assistance. We would highly recommend that you are accompanied by a paid participant to assist you throughout the event.

TPO also informs us that arrangements can be made to use your own transportation to move from place to place in most instances.